What is autophagy? Discover the benefits

Autophagy literally means “to eat oneself up”. The scientific term refers to the body’s ability to recycle itself.

In other words, using potentially harmful substances and converting them into new molecules with beneficial properties.

Several theories even point to its possible benefits for some kinds of cancer, autoimmune diseases, and of course, the significant impact it has on cell rejuvenation.

In 2016, the Japanese biologist Yoshinori Ohsumi received the Nobel Prize for Medicine for his research on Autophagy and its benefits.


Autophagy is directly linked to fasting. Fasting and Intermittent fasting have both been proven to be effective methods when it comes to naturally boosting the autophagy process and achieving all the benefits of this molecular recycling process.

Toxin drainage and cell detoxification

Preventing diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Diabetes or Cancer


Improved brain function

During the night, as no food is ingested while we sleep, our body undergoes the process of autophagy. This allows the body to flush out waste and restore certain functions.

Fasting directly triggers the body’s natural cleansing process and acts as a catalyst for self-regeneration and cell rejuvenation. For this reason, over the last two years, fasting and detox diets have become popular among recommended diets for those looking to compensate for daily exposure to toxins and bad habits.



Intermittent fasting is becoming increasingly fashionable and more and more people are opting for this method to boost their weight-loss results, or simply improve their health and feel younger & more energetic. Nevertheless, it’s important to remember that in order to reach its full potential and avoid any counter-productive results, fasting should always be carried out in a controlled environment, following the recommended guidelines of healthcare professionals.

Everything goes is definitely not the strategy when it comes to fasting… As for your normal diet, we recommend sticking to the advice of experts in the field to ensure that you meet all the recommended daily nutritional guidelines and avoid running any unnecessary risks.

Dietox was a pioneer brand when rolling out this type of fasting technique in a professional and nutritionist-controlled way.

Today, Dietox is renowned for their innovative products, which have been researched to the finest of detail in order to deliver the purist and healthiest detox possible. The Dietox liquid fasting diet is based on the principles of chrono-nutrition, adapting your nutrition to the body’s natural biological clock, as well as encouraging a healthy fruit and vegetable intake in a tasty and practical way.

Currently, they deliver to over 20 countries and have been a true lifesaver for those of us who are guilty of neglecting our diet and in need of a good reset.



This type of fasting involves ingesting liquid recipes made exclusively from fruit, vegetables, and superfoods.

Each packet indicates the appropriate order and timeframe for consumption, taking into account the individual properties of every ingredient and the recommended nutritional values for each time of the day.

It consists of a very low-calorie diet that has been specially designed to boost your body’s natural cleansing process. For maximum results, we recommend combining with other detox techniques for eliminating toxins on a day-to-day basis.



This type of fasting technique is recommended for any detox beginners as its slightly easier to do than the other kinds.

It involves fasting for periods of 12 hours at a time, allowing your body to rest between dinnertime and breakfast and spacing out your two main meals as much as possible. You will consume liquid recipes only, which have been specially designed for a maximum cleansing and satiating effect.

This technique is known as overnight fasting and is a very healthy way to lose weight. If this is your first detox, you will more than likely have a few questions about the fasting process. Find out more about the possible side effects and discover the keys to success for yourself.


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